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If you are interested in beautiful cards and stationery; you might like to visit my Phoenix Trading website.
Many of you will know all about Phoenix Cards as we Traders pop up with monotonous regularity at every show and 'craft fair' you visit.
However, no hard sell from me - just lovely stuff with generous discounts if you come and pick-your-own from my huge stock here at GFH (Glebe Farmhouse)

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Shows booked for this year include:
Advert for Beale Park Boat Show

Beale Park Boat and Outdoor Show.  Beale Park near Pangbourne in Berkshire

Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 6th June 2016

Our favourite show and this will be our ?th time over in the chilled out Green Area.


Next -  Henley Traditional Boat Festival

Friday 15th, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July 2016!home/mainPage

We used to 'do' this show before it changed organisers and became bigger and better.  This will be our first time under the new regime. 
We shall be in the middle of the Boat Jumble section Stall No 8. 
No boat jumble, just a jumble of chairs - which may (or may not) be useful on a boat.


Next - the Honiton Show - a traditional agricultural show. 
I believe it is the biggest one day show in the.......

Thursday 4th August 2016 - just the one day.

Find us in the Blackdown Hills Business Association marquee.


Next - For the first time ever, we shall be at the

Melplash  Show

Thursday 25th August 2016  another lovely little West Country agricultural show


Next......   Watch this space.


It's here; our new steamer chair.

This is the prototype and totally unique.

Hand made by Grant Newman of Newman Furniture, Camberly and finished and caned by us.

I am now an Independent Phoenix Trader and selling all their wonderful cards, gifts and stationery.    I keep a good stock of cards at our workshop.  For those of you further afield, they are also available by mail order from my Phoenix Trading website:

 About us

Barleytwist chair is for sale. 

Currently in our pitch in Abingdon House antiques centre in Honiton.

See Furniture For Sale page for further details.

Now a member of the

Blackdown Hills Business Association

Susan (née Handy) and Malcolm Routh; a husband and wife team based in Buckerell, Nr Honiton, Devon

We moved from Maidenhead, Berkshire in May 2013  which has proved very popular with people en route from London and home counties to Devon and Cornwall.

Susan is an Associate Ordinary member of BAFRA and holds a BA (Hons) in Furniture Restoration from Buckinghamshire New University.


What do we do?

We replace woven seating to chairs, stools etc using Cane, Seagrass, Danish and other paper cords and Riempie.  We are also able to make some repairs to Lloyd loom and 'wicker' and undertake a limited amount of rushing.

Sue specializes in the exacting finishing styles of French and continental caning and has a particular interest in Thonet and other bentwood furniture.

We are able to carry out some structural repairs and restoration using traditional techniques and materials.

to get an idea of the cost of reweaving a seat visit the Information & Pricing page.

If we can't fix it we can recommend someone who can.  See the Links page for other restorers and interesting websites.

I am gradually adding links to sites local to us here in the South West.

"Although not the cheapest or the quickest we have been told that our workmanship is second to none."


Replica Edwardian Steamer Chair

See News page for more details

May '14

Have now stained, varnished and waxed the chair; I am now caning the seat and back.

If you would like us to quote for seat weaving, please email photos to info @ suzandy. co. uk

What do we sell?


Interesting antique and vintage pieces, mainly chairs.  Especially child/doll-size and folding chairs i.e. steamer chairs - the smaller and more interesting the better, although we do have several larger chairs, with character.

We always have a stock of small Victorian bedroom chairs which make ideal occasional chairs for entertaining, especially at Christmas.  But be sure to put your most delicate guest on the most delicate chair!

All items for sale can be found on the

For Sale Page

We also have a very large selection of chairs that are "ripe for restoration" for those of you who would like to Do It Yourselves.

Fully restored sedan chair sold very successfully at auction in Exeter. 

See News, Events & Links page

for latest information and a growing local link section.

We now have Black Danish cord in stock

Where do we sell it?


Buckerell -  From our workshop/showroom in Glebe Farmhouse, Buckerell, Nr Honiton.

Please ring before visiting.



During the summer months.

For details of all the above see the


News Page


From South Africa.  What's that?  See Information & Prices page


South African Chair reseated with new white riempies

One from a set of 4 For Sale


Download instructions for DIY riempieing

What else do we sell?


Cane: - hand, loom, beading, lapping and pegging 

Danish cord - 3mm, 4mm and 5mm and laced and unlaced

Seagrass, riempies etc

Infact, most seat weaving materials.

We recognize that there are many of you out there who can Do-It-Yourself but only need enough materials for one or two chairs. 

Therefore we are happy to supply small quantities of anything that we stock, in particular cane and Danish cord.

Why buy enough for 4 or 5 chairs when you only have one that needs re-seating?  Of course larger quantities are also available.

We also have raw riempie or more usually recognisable as rawhide.

Raw rimpie is the correct material for  antique South African chairs.  It is a little more difficult to use but still easy as a DIY project.

Rawhide is the traditional material used on North American canoes.  We have both 6mm and 8mm widths.

Mail Order Page

A magnificent late 18th Century chair with a new raw riempie seat. 

Old Raw Riempie on the chair above before it was re strung



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Jacquard Woven Belgium Tapestry panels

Over the years many clients have expressed a wish to use unfinished tapestry panels to make their own cushions (or take to a soft furnishing specialist).

We believe that we have sourced the very best quality tapestries and tapestry fabric available.


Summer Beaches

Visit our new Belgian Tapestry page.





The panels will make into beautiful pictures with an added dimension.

The scope of use for these unfinished tapestry panels is limited only by your imagination.



Mail Order Prices

Now in Stock


Medieval to Monet

Flower Fairies to Fine Art

Cord seating and Rush Seating also available

Books & Kits

contents of cane kit

See the Kits and Books page for details



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A variation of the snowflake pattern

Joining new rush with a half hitch

Weaving the standard 6-way pattern

Environment, Education and Aims

We have always promoted the green side of furniture restoration in general and, seat weaving in particular.  Antique caned and rushed chairs were made when labour and materials were cheap; they were always intended to be reseated thus keeping them clean and fresh for the next generation. 

There is now an environmental impact caused by the use of rattan cane and seagrass in mass produced modern furniture.

For instance, the over use of rattan has caused problems of depletion in the forests of Indonesia.  Likewise, the over use of seagrass is causing problems in the areas where it is harvested.  As with turtle shell and ivory, it would be a shame if these materials were no longer available for antique furniture because of modern fashions.

But what could be more sustainable that reseating a chair with rushes cut from the Thames near Wantage?

We now accept all major credit and debit cards for orders over £10 + 2% for Credit Cards


The Heritage Crafts Association's president

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales

At its Spring Conference on 19 March 2011, the HCA announced the Prince of Wales as its inaugural President.

The Heritage Crafts Association is the advocacy body for traditional heritage crafts. Working in partnership with Government and key agencies, it provides a focus for craftspeople, groups, societies and guilds, as well as individuals who care about the loss of traditional crafts skills, and works towards a healthy and sustainable framework for the future

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There is now an international movement, known as 'Antiques are Green' and we hope to become more involved and promote this aspect of the green agenda at every opportunity.

Hopefully, encouraging the revival of interest in and, sales of antiques in the process!

Invest in the future, recycle the past

Beautiful mahogany medallion back - before


 - and after


Morris outside Teapot cottage



If you wish to copy material from my website, please have the courtesy to ask permission and credit our work. 


Rushed Seat - before


- and after



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